Introduction: Carleyys Blog Round Up - August 16th

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Thank God Its Monday! 

In this Round Up I have an array of unique crafts and inspirations to get your creative wheels turning.

I am constantly looking for new projects to feature and browsing for new blogs and websites.  I have a few different methods of searching for new material.  Although I often check back with a few particular sites, my favorite form of searching is definitely stumble upon.  It allows me to search for new content that I wouldn't find through a search engine.  When I find a blog or site that has great content I check to see what blogs they recommend or subscribe to.   How do you search for new content?

Step 1: Random Crafting

Snow Globe Cards
Spice up your holiday cards by sending out these festive Snow Globe Postcards.  This is a great holiday project to do with the children.
Plexiglas Photo Display
Hundreds of picture frames in a family room is overwhelming and cluttered. Instead of having an individual picture frame for each photograph you want to show off, display all of your pictures on your wall with this plexiglas photo display found on anh-minh. You could have a few smaller versions of this in one room. Keep it tasteful by being conscious about where you place the displays and be sure to not clutter your walls!

Step 2: Re-Fashion

Flip-Flops are a Spring and Summer must!  But buying cute flip-flips can get pricey.   The Mothers Huddle offers this tutorial to re-fashion plane flip-flips into fashionable footwear.

Step 3: Electronics

Unique Soft Circuits

Skin Safe Conductive Ink -  create custom electronic circuitry on your skin with this conductive ink which is nontoxic, water soluble and electrically conductive. Apply it to your skin with a brush, stamp or spray and is easily removed with soap and water.  Watch this "The Humanthesizer" video


Electronic Origami - combine electronics with the ancient art of paper folding to create interactive works of paper art.

Step 4: Inspiration for Your Head

If you have been following my Weekly Round Up or instructables, it is no surprise that I am inspired by whimsical and earthy accessories that use beads, flowers, feathers, etc....  These fantastic hair accessories will bring you closer than ever to nature.

Use these Extravagant Couture Hats as your inspiration for an awesome hat instructable!  I was watching project runway the other night and in a sneak peak for next weeks episode I saw that designer Philip Treacy will be guest judging. I decided to google him and thought his extravagant couture hats were amazing! I am not surprised that he has designed hats for Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker two fashionistas daring enough to push the boundaries of fashion.

Step 5: Weekly Challenge

Every week, as part of this round-up, I want to pose our crafty community a challenge.
Take the inspiration I provide and make your own Instructable from it. Everyone who participates will get a special patch!

This week's challenge is: Unique Clocks

I have seen some really unique clocks on instructables.  I thought this clock make from a recycled bicycle could be inspiration to make some unique clocks from found objects.

Once you've made your instructable, be sure to add it to the Check It Out! Challenge Group, so I'll know to give you a patch.

Previous Challenges :

Salvaged Barbie Doll Parts: This is one of the more unique re-purposed jewelry ideas that I have seen. At first I thought the faces and body parts were photos or maybe paintings. However, the interesting and comical compositions are created using Barbie parts! The Plastic Body Series designed by Margaux Lange is a jewelry line that combines salvaged Barbie doll parts with sterling silver and pigmented resins.

Create your own instructable that uses salvaged barbie doll parts in a unique way (doesn't have to be jewelry but can be!).

Transparent Trends: Watch your toast while its toasting! Super cool. For this challenge create a project/product transparent that is not normally transparent.

Wacky Memo Pads. I found these adorable fruit slice memo pads on gallery nucleus while looking for a gift exchange project. There are so many wacky memo pad possibilities!

Lego Jewelry by JacQueline Sanchez
I heard about this high-end lego jewelry from a woman I met at MakeSF event. I decided to check it out. It is beautiful jewelry but I'm a DIYer and I don't think I could shell out this kind of money for something I think I could make myself.

Peel-away wallpaper made by ZNAK as seen on is still open. HINT: think shelf liner, vinyl contact paper, etc...

I can't wait to see what you make!

Step 6: Events

Sidewalk-Catwalk - continuing until September 3, 30 of New York’s leading designers and 2 student design teams will showcase a colorful street gallery of custom-built mannequins displayed down Broadway from Times Square to Herald Square.

Ring Workshop at the Iowa State Fair - artist Rachel Sims will teach you to make your own sterling silver rings at the Iowa State Fair! Attend a workshop from Aug. 12 -22 from 9.30 am - 8 pm and learn how to saw, stamp, solder.