Introduction: Carnivorous Dice Bag

About: I like multimedia stories and pockets.

Feed 2d6 daily. Will bite. Needs moderate exercise and enjoys a good petting. Seems to be allergic to d4 (gets indigestion), though I have not noticed a bad reaction when feeding him the round variety.

This cute little guy was made with a bunch of odds and ends that I had lying around. The bag was made with a cargo pocket that I cut off of a pair of jeans a while ago. The cargo pocket isn't necessary (any fabric will do), but it added a cool texture and it came with button "eyes". The teeth were made with a sample square of some sort of silver leathery material, and the tongue is leather.

Apologies on the lack of instructions.. I didn't take pictures of the process and explaining how to sew the cargo pocket is rather difficult without them. Sorry guys. I'm posting it anyway for some DIY dice bag inspiration. The whole dice eating monster bag concept is pretty easy to do regardless of the pocket. Feel free to take the concept and run away with it!