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Carpets , there a lot of carpets available in the market and the carpet i choose to show you how to clean is a normal rubber carpet. This instructables is very easy and even small kids can do it at home. But as it is simple it is very informative. The rubber carpet that i choose was bought from a hardware store at a very cheap price compared to rug carpets. This carpets can be hard to maintain and can get torn really easily, so i would show you how to clean it up and a the same time learn some facts.

Step 1: Materials You Would Need.


To clean the carpet you would need basic cleaning equipments which can be bought or already with you. I bought a new mop and and a new broom made from coconut leaves. There is no need for fancy chemicals but what you could use to clean rubber carpets is kerosene and oil and then wipe it off.

- A Rubber carpet
- Broom
- Mop
- piece of cloth
- Kerosene or Oil
- A human being

After you have gathered all you materials you need to go to the next step.

Step 2: Sweeping

Now when you have gathered you materials you need to get your broom and sweep the rug carpet or rubber carpet as hard as you can. If you have a vacuum cleaner then that's more better.
Start from the end side and start sweeping to and fro from left to right and at the same time carrying all the dust or rubbish to the other end. When at the other end get a dust bin or a collect the rubbish and throw it away. Now sweep again to make sure you have not left any dirt behind.

Step 3: Mopping

After you have swept the carpet twice get a mop and start moping from the other end of the carpet. make sure you do no spill and water, if you have a rug carpet then wipe with a moist mop containing only 2% water. Then after moping get you mop and put it away from the rug.

Step 4: Wiping

After completing wiping your carpet with a mop, get the piece of cloth and start wiping the floor again with it, remember not to have the cloth wet it need to be dry cloth. Then when finished you should have a clean carpet free from dust and really shiny.

Step 5: Care and Maintenance

Since you have cleaned the carpet shinny its now up to you to maintain that shine. Do not get soil or any other substance on it. If you have such a case follow this step again and you should be ready to fight dirt again.

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