Introduction: Carrot & Cucumber Cutter (Julienne)

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One of the best healthy snacks I love are carrots cut in matchsticks.

In this Instructable I'll show you a gadget that you can part 3D print and when assembled cut carrots in seconds.

It's easy and safe to use even by kids.

What's needed:

  • Caulk gun like the one I used.

If you can’t find one locally, search for “Skeleton caulk gun” on Amazon.Here is one similar to the one I used.

  • Steel wire
  • 3D printed parts

Download it here:

Step 1:

First I cut the end of the caulk gun

Step 2:

Then I applied some glue and slid the main 3D printed piece onto the caulk gun's side bars

Step 3:

I used a steel wire to make a cutting end.

There are 2 different size cutting ends included in the file.

Step 4:

Then I attached the plunger and screwed on the cutting end

Step 5:

You'll want to pump the plunger until it reaches the cutter, so you could mark the rod and cut it.

Step 6:

Then I glued the lever.

It will prevent the plunger going too far and damaging the cutting end.

Step 7:

It's perfect to cut carrots and easy to use.

Guide the carrot with hand when cutting it.

You can use different size cutting ends for different size matchsticks.