Carrot - Essential Cutting Skills

Introduction: Carrot - Essential Cutting Skills

If, like me, you want creative ideas to cut up your veggies, this is the right place for you! In this instructable, I demonstrate 6 techniques to spice up your everyday mundane carrots. From blocks to gears to leaves, this is the place to get better at cutting your veggies today!


1. Carrot(s) (or any other veggie)

2. Knife

Step 1: Burnoise Cut (part 1)

If the first image is your goal, then the burnoise cut is for you!

First, peel the carrot and chop it into a neat square. Then slice the rectangle carrot block into 1mm thick rectangles.

Step 2: Burnoise Cut (part 2)

Right now, you should have thin, rectangular slices of carrot. After this, lay the slices on top of each other and chop vertically. This should create very thin "logs" of carrots.

Step 3: Burnoise Cut (part 3)

Right now, you should have thin, rectangular carrot logs. Turn the logs to face horizontally east and west and chop at a 90-degree angle. If done correctly, you should end up with thin little carrot cubes :)

Step 4: Thicc Cubes (part 1)

If you like thicc cubes, then this is the step for you!

First, peel and slice a piece of carrot into a long square prism. From the top, chop the square into four even little squares by cutting in a +plus+ pattern.

Step 5: Thicc Cubes (part 2)

Right now, you should have thick, square logs of carrot. Cut these logs into small but thicc squares. At the end, you should end up with the bottom right image :)

Step 6: Diagonals

If you would like some diagonals, this is the step for you!

This one is fairly easy. First, peel your carrot. Next, turn the carrot at an angle away form yourself and start chopping. You should end up with thinly sliced diagonal carrots :)

Step 7: Gears (part 1)

If you'd like gear carrots, this is the step for you!

First, peel your carrot. Then, hold your carrot sideways and insert your knife at a 90-degree angle about 2 mm away from the top. Turn the carrot a little and insert your knife on the other side to meet the first cut you made. Turn your carrot around little by little and continue to create these inscisions. You should end up with something like the carrot in the top right image.

Step 8: Gears (part 2)

Right now, your carrot should be shaped like an elongated gear. From here, turn the long gear on its side and chop it into thin slices. Once you're done, you'll have gear carrots spinning around on your plate in no time :)

Step 9: Leaves

If you like leaf-shaped carrots, or you're just really about turning nature into nature, then this is the step for you!

This leaf cut is pretty simple. First, peel your carrot (duh). Next, cut your carrot into 2mms slices. From here, cut little triangles into the side of the carrot, kind of the way you did with the gear. When you cut triangles all round, you'll have a rough leaf-shaped carrot in your hand :)

Step 10: Football

You read that right. A(n American) football-shaped carrot. It's more fun than you think, I promise.

First, peel a carrot. Next, chip off the ends of it with a peeler or your knife. Once you have a somewhat football shape, cut little football lines into your carrot. It may not be the best to throw around, but you sure can play around with it like a real football :)

Step 11: Decaorate

If you wanna show off your skills, decorate a plate with your own cutting creations. Whether it's carrots, cucumbers or apples, your new cutting skills are sure to delight the eager consumers of your food.

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