Introduction: Carry a FIRESTEEL (R) on Your Keychain

This is a FIRESTEEL (R). You use it just like a flint and steel. You scrape the FIRESTEEL (R) with either a knife blade or hacksaw blade, or the scrapper you can buy from the website. To see more about FIRESTEEL (R) go to There is a video that will show you how the FIRESTEEL (R) works and why you should carry one with you at all times... FIRESTEEL (R) comes in an assortment of sizes to fit your needs.

And here in lies the problem. I could not find a way of carrying a FIRESTEEL (R) on my keychain, so I made an Instructable to show you how... This is my first attempt at an Instructable, but hopefully NOT my last...

Step 1: Supplies Needed

You will need the following supplies:

Ring Terminal (Electrical Dept Home Improvement Store)
Needle Nose Pliers
Electricians Tool (Crimper)
Heat Shrink Tubing (Electrical Dept Home Improvement Store)

Step 2: Step 1. Remove Plastic

Step 1. Use the Needle Nose pliers to pull off the plastic covering of the Ring Terminal

Step 3: Step 2. Spread Open Connector

Step 2. Use the Needle Nose pliers to spread open the Ring Terminal connector. Be sure to open the connector wide enough to hold the FIRESTEEL (R).

Step 4: Step 3. Apply Epoxy

Step 3. Mix the Epoxy according to instructions and apply a generous amount of Epoxy to the open Ring Terminal

Step 5: Step 4. Set and Crimp

Step 4. Insert the FIRESTEEL (R) into the Epoxy. Allow to dry according to instructions on the Epoxy. Use the Electricians tool to crimp close the ring terminal connector around the FIRESTEEL (R).

Step 6: Step 5. Heat Shrink Tubing ~ Finished

Step 5. Pull the Heat Shrink Tubing over the constructed assembly. Use the lighter to shrink the tubing and your done.