Introduction: Cartesian Docker

this is a game to where you must attempt to put one pipette into the other and let it stay by only squeezing the bottle. this is a good way to demonstrate how a ship would dock at the international space station

Step 1: Parts

what you need.

.two pipettes (one larger than the other)
.one empty two liter soda bottle
.two hex nuts
.hot glue with gun
. scissors
.plastic stars for decoration

Step 2: Pipette Assembly

1. take your pipettes and add water to them to where the small one sink floats( that is half floating half sinking ). the large one should sink to the bottom

2.cut your larger pipette a quarter of an inch from the head. then cut the tip off the puppet piece you just cut. hot glue that piece to top of the head. hot glue hex nut to the other piece of puppet you first cut.

3.with smaller pipette add hex nut and hot glue on end off pipette

(if confused see pictures)

Step 3: Assembly

1. fill your two liter bottle with water leaving it away from the top.

2. add decorations and or food coloring for the effect.( I used 2 drops of yellow because that is all I have but blue will make it look more realistic.)

3. place pipettes in make sure one sink floats and one sinks before placement.

Step 4: Have Fun

this may seem lame, but it is a good time waster and a good way to calm down

Step 5: Operation

this is the easiest part to operate just squeeze the bottle with lid on.

Step 6:

Step 7:

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