Introduction: Cartoon Figure LED Lamp

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Follow me and you'll get a nice toy: a funny monster with the power of brightness in his eyes.
It will scare ghosts out of your bed!
Or, you can use it as an unusual flashlight.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Oven-bake polymer clay. Mine was by a brand called FIMO
  • Two LEDs
  • Two resistors (not pictured). For this project anything between 82Ω and 470Ω will work
  • 1.5V batteries. Button type, AAA or AA
  • A latching switch
  • Electrical wire
  • An oven to bake the clay

Step 2: Modeling the Body

Warm up some clay with your hands.

Be sure to have enough material to make a body as large as you need to contain the batteries.

You can wrap the clay around a thick marker, so when you take it off you're left with a hollow figure.

To make the eyes, first squash a small ball of clay and then use the back of a brush to stab it in the center, poking the eye sockets. Make holes slightly larger than your LEDs as clay might expand slightly.

Smooth out your fingerprints!

Step 3: Bake the Clay

Follow the directions for your specific brand of clay.

Place the tray on the higher step of your oven, or you'll melt the bottom of the figure like I did to my poor yellow guy.

When your figure is ready, let it cool down before touching it. Watch out, it retains heat for much longer than the metal tray.

Oh, and remember that having baked it doesn't mean you can eat it!

Step 4: Build the Circuit

Stack the two button batteries and tape them together, placing two wires in contact with the positive and negative poles.

Connect the switch to the positive wire.

Place the resistors as shown in the schematic. Resistors (which I did not include in my first build of this Instructable) are there to prevent LEDs from burning out.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Paint the mouth and other facial features using acrylic marker pens. You can get a finishing glossy effect with a clear spray varnish.

Place the circuit inside the body. Close the bottom with raw clay, leaving out the switch.

Your new magical helper is ready, you can now face the darkness!