Introduction: Carved Garlic Holder

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I made this Garlic Holder to store my Garlic......

Step 1:

What you need....

Pallet wood

A Templet ( I used a French Lily)

Masking tape

Jigsaw or Scrollsaw

A washer

Old nail

Sanding paper

Spray lacker

Chisel and precision knife

Step 2: Lets Get Started

Cut out the Tamplete and use masking tape to cover the board,

and glue the tamplete on the masking tape.

Step 3:

Use a srollsaw or a jigsaw to cut out the tamplete.....

Step 4:

Cut with an x acto knife the lines on your tamplete what you will carve.....

Use the chisel to cut away the shoulder under the tamplete.

When you 're ready with carving...... sand everything smooth with sandpaper.

Step 5:

Use a washer and make a small dipple in the middle with a file.

Drill a hole with a fornster bit the same size as the washer,

and a smaller one to make a reses for the screw to fit in.

Clue the washer in place with super glue.

Use an old Nail, and nail it in place at the front of the holder.

Spray the holder with some lacker.....

Step 6: The Finished Product

And your Garlic Holder is done !

Hope you injoy this project......

For more detailed instructions watch the video

Step 7: