Introduction: Carved Wooden Tooth


first of all I'd like to explain why the hell I carved a wooden tooth. :D

I'm a student in dental school, so many of my friends are going to be Dentists, too. A few months ago I carved a lower jaw out of soap as a present for one of them and thought that it also might be a funny present to use wood instead of soap. (And it indeed was :D)

So here's how it worked out and how I made it, maybe some of you have Dentist-friends, too. Or maybe someone just loves teeth...who knows.

What I needed:

-Wood (some old block I found somewhere in my father's garage. Just use what you find useful)

-Knife (I used a standard Swiss Army knife, but any other knife will do)

-Small saw

-Sanding paper

Step 1: Drawing the Rough Shape

I started drawing the rough outer shape on the wood I wanted to work with. I draw the shape of the tooth (I wanted it to be a upper molar, so it had to be 3 roots) on 4 sides. Also I wrote down which one was which side.

Then I started carving the rough form which you can see in the pictures.

Step 2: Carving

I repeated drawing the lines on the wood when they dissapeared due to holding it in my hands or cutting them off. This was quite improtant to keep an eye on the shape. When the Crown was done, I started separating the roots, this was quite tricky. Still only carving the approximatelx form, no "details".

Step 3: Sawing, Details, Sanding

When I found that I couldn't go any deeper between the roots, I decided to saw the tooth off the rest of the wood.

This made it easier to carve between the roots and seperate them properly.

Afterwards I started to carve the details, get the proportions right and round off the edges. (Always keeping in mind which tooth this should be in the end and compare it to the "anatomical original").

Then the final step of sanding came, I started with rough 80 and went up to 230. This was ok, I tried to add wood glaze, but the wood wasn't hard enough so it kind of had no effect.

Step 4: Final Tooth

So here it is, the final tooth.

I thought it would be harder to carve this, but it ws quite easy and I'm absolutely happy with the result as a first-time-carving.

I'd be happy about some somments or even pictures if you decide to make one, too.