Carving a Bowl

Introduction: Carving a Bowl

This was the simplest and least time consuming approach to this type of project: Carving a round inner shape.

The picture is of a burl i carved into a bowl shape. I took triangular wedges and arranged them under the burl like a cradle and clamped it to the table (another amazing technique for clamping anything round that i found by trial and error) its even easier with a small blanket under the burl or round chunk of wood.

So, now that you've got it clamped down, set up a large forstner bit or spade bit and drill down the center, check for depth (measure the overall height of the piece) so you don't bottom out or get close to it.

Just like jackhammering concrete, you work from the center outwards. Chisel everything towards the hole in the center, its effortless compared to chiseling from the outer edges inwards. People have special tools, chisels, you name it to do specific things but whatever you have that works is best. I was away from my home for a little bit and all i had was a swiss army knife and carved the whole bowl thats pictured with it.

Hope that helps !

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have some idea of what you are talking about. bout 42 years ago I was in a machinist apprentiship and was complaining about a project I had been given to do on some outdated equipment. My instructor came over, an man in his late 60's, and asked me what the problem was. I told him and he smiled and said, when he was learing the trade his instructor took him to a chunk of steel 4"x4"x4" and handed him a file and told him " when you are thru I want all sides parallel to each other or perpendicular to each other within .001 of an inch."

    I said your kidding me!! He said "no i'm not. Then took me to a piece of steel where there was a file sitting on top and said "get to it". It took me three weeks working 8hrs.per day 5/week but when I finished I had a 3"x3"x3" cube and lost 25 percent of the steel and gone thru over a dozen files but got it done. I never complained about a machine again.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You're posting some awesome stuff!

    I'd love to see a full tutorial on any of your projects. If you have any in-process photos of your projects, you ought to upload them and add some extra steps. Or, next time you make something, snap a few photos along the way! :)