Cascading Waterfall

Introduction: Cascading Waterfall

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To build this cascading waterfall you will need the following:

1. Filament colors you want each item to be

2. First print the base. Make sure if you try to scale this down that you scale all objects the same to ensure they all fit together.

The base is mostly hollow to allow you to hide wires etc.

3. Second print the base bowl.

Depending on your printer I suggest printing at least .15 resolution and using supports so that the trees do not come out wonky.

4. Print the Koi fish.

The Koi fish were built with small holes on the bottom to all them to be glued onto the supports at the bottom of the bowl.

5. Print Small Tower bowl

6. Print Medium Tower bowl

7. Print Large Tower bowl

Each bowl was designed with an indent in the bottom to ensure you can either print the posts or buy PVC to save on filament. The dimensions will be listed at the bottom of the instructions.

8. If you print the posts be sure to print them standing if you can to ensure smooth layers.

9. If you decide not to print the posts you will need PVC pipes

Small Tower 20 x 20 x 16 mm

Medium Tower 20 x 20 x 75 mm

Tall Tower 20 x 20 x 138 mm


Make sure you find a water pump that is small enough to hide under the base. If you find one that has an intake and outtake you can easily make a small hole in your base bowl and fit the tubing accordingly to your specific pump. I did not create a hole for this because everyone tends to use a different pump and they all vary in tubing size.

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