Introduction: Low Cost Case Modding

This was my first case modding with a low budget, it was made with an old car toy and some recycled parts, also include a water cooling system for CPU,and has great components for gaming, the components are:

- MotherBoard gigabyte z97-soc.

- CPU intel core i5 4670k.

- Graphic card Gigabyte Amd radeon r9 270x 2gb.

- 12gb de ram.

- 1 terabyte hard drive.

- Water cooling system recycled and homemade.

This is a great way for save money and give a unique style to your computer, also is a great choice to enter to the world of computing hardware, if you do this project you will learn about CPUs, GPUs, and if you need extra help for connect the components you can watch videos in Youtube or you can text me and i will help you.

Step 1: Materials and Components

To start you need to buy the components of the computer or you can use another computer and disassemble it like me. For case modding the main thing is to have a place where you are going to install the computer, in my case it was a toy car, also use LED lights and different tools.

Step 2: Base and Motherboard

For the base a wooden board was used, in which the wheels and the power supply were adapted in the back and on the top were put the hard disk and the motherboard, then put the other components in the motherboard as RAM, CPU, also over of processor I put the block for liquid cooling.

Step 3: Complete Assembly of Components

I put all the components on the motherboard including the graphic card, taking into consideration that the plastic of the car can be put without problems, then all cables were connect.

Step 4: Car Plastic and Water Cooling System

I put the plastic of the car over the base of the computer and then proceeded to install the water cooling system, which consists of a radiator that cools the hot water from the block that is above the CPU to cool it, for this use a small radiator, a small water pump, the block above the processor and transparent tubes.for the cooling liquid. I also put the buttons and connectors of the computer in the back. and a fan on the top of the plastic car.

Step 5: Finished Case Modding

Finally, all the cables and lights were connected and the computer was tested correctly.

Step 6: Upgrade

6 months later I decided to paint the plastic of the car, I put a bigger and stronger radiator, change the power supply and add LED lights with 16 colors.