Introduction: Case for Cheap Ebay Capacitor Tester

I bought a cheap capacitor tester from ebay. It arrived on time, and it was as in the picture. One board, with a connector for a 9v battery, a 14 contacts block with lever, and a button.

Obviously it needed a case, as it will probably be in the way to distruction in short time on a desktop.

So I decided to build one.

Step 1: Prepare the Case From an S7 Case

I bought a leather case for my phone. It came in a nice transparent plastic ..... case !

Thick enough to be somewhat rigid.

So I put the capacitor tester under it, made a point mark in each corner where I should cut the plastic, for the contacts block and a round sign for the button.

I also marked the corners of the lcd, so that I know where it will be the visible part of it.

The back of the board hosts a chip for timing, wich is a few milimeters tall. I had to put some plastic pads near it, to protect it, and these also provided a support for the push button.

You already see why, cause I attached some white self adhesive labels over the rest of the case, to hide the tester.

Just take your time, it took me about 15 minutes, only with an utility knife and a few labels.

Step 2:

On one side, I cut a hole for the battery connector to get out, as it did not fit in the case because it was too big. It's fine like this, and it makes replacing the battery a little simpler.

I elongated the cut, so that I could put the connector out, and made a small hole for the wires, so that they are not cut by the plastic.

After that I put 2 small holes on each side of the battery, and put zip ties over it to held it in place.

Step 3: Put Labels and Enjoy

After all was done, I sticked the labels to hide everithing that was not supposed to be seen. I did not made pictures during that step. :)

I sticked only one part of the case, to be able to open it if it was necessary.

After that, enjoy !

It's quite handy now, and I do not have to worry that I will bump something over it, that the screen will fall, or the wires will catch something.

Hope gives you an idea.