Introduction: Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B




Step 1: History and Purpose

Hello, This is my first contribution here and it’s about an acrylic
case for raspberry 3 pi model B, with heat sink outputs on top.

I decided to make this case because I didn't find a good model to download anywhere and in my country it’s almost impossible to find a place to buy and when I found it was too expensive and there were no outputs for heat sink or cooler.

That’s why I decided to take the measures and make my own

Step 2: The Draw

I used an acrylic with 2,6 mm to make the case; But if someone wants to use MDF or polymer it’s possible too.

The drawing was made in CorelDraw, for example, I saved it in PLT (rar) and CDR format to be able to download it on any platform I want, especially AutoCad which is of great help to do these projects.

Step 3: The Cut

I cut into a laser printer to improve the finishing, but nothing prevents you from choose another way.

Step 4: Collage

To put all the pieces together I decided to use hot glue instead of instant glue because this way I have the opportunity to disassemble it and put it in another place if necessary to make a bigger and more structured project.

Step 5: End...

I hope this case is useful for more people as it was for me and I hope they improve my project as well.


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