Introduction: Cashmere Scarf Ice Dyeing and Steaming

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Ice dyeing is very interesting and there are so many posts, article, and video as well, but these all are done on cotton using cold brand reactive dyes.That procedure is very easy, cause they can be dyed without heating or steaming.When we use acid dyes it becomes a bit difficult process, as acid dyes require steaming to fix the dyes on fiber.

Step 1: Soak the Scarf

Soak the scarf at least for 15 minutes use acidic acid (or vinegar). Let the PH be around 5 adjusted with acidic acid. Use 3-4 tablespoonful common salt.

Step 2: Put Semi-dry Scarf Into Small Pot Making Some Rough Folds.

Arrange some ice cubes. Squeeze the scarf make it semi-dry. Let it be a bit moisty. If the scarf is very dry it creates the problem in the process of migration and penetration of dyes.Basically, water is the main medium of dyeing here we are selecting ice as the medium. The amount of ice required is as per the depth of the shade. if we require dark shade then we should use more ice. Put semi-dry scarf into small pot making some rough folds.

Step 3: Put the Ice Covering Each and Every Part of the Scarves and Put the Acid Dyes Powder Randomly

First, put the ice covering each and every part of the scarves. do not leave any part uncovering the scarf. Remember to make random folds and pleats, this folding technique makes scarfs beautiful after dyeing. Here you can apply tie-dye and shibori folding technique also.

Step 4: After 12 Hours

When ice starts to melt dyes also start spreading. The powder dyestuffs work amazingly.

Step 5: After 24 Hours

I did it in winter maybe it melts fast in the summertime. But leaving 24 is the best idea even in summer. Dyes penetrate perfectly if we extend time

Step 6: Design Seen After 24 Hours

Step 7: WATCH THE VIDEO to Understand Whole Process Including Steaming

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