Introduction: Casino

This instructable will teach you how to make a simple casino building.

Step 1: Insert Shapes

drag a polygon and diamond into the work plane

by tapping on the polygon, change the sides to 12

make the polygon and diamond bigger

put the diamond on top of the polygon, make sure you can only see the top of the diamond

Step 2: Creating the Windows

drag a 'hole' box into the work plane

flatten the box, make sure the width of the box is thinner than one side of the polygon

duplicate the box and insert half of the box in the polygon

duplicate again and continue to put one above the other, repeat until there is 11 on one side

Step 3: Add More Windows

select all the windows you have and duplicate it

move the copy to another side of the polygon

repeat until you have windows on all sides of the polygon

then, you can merge everything together

change the colour to a light beige

Step 4: Adding Side Pillars

drag a box into the work plane

increase the height of the box, then make it thin

move the box to one corner of the polygon

duplicate the polygon and put one at each of the corners

merge everything and there you have it, a simple casino building

Step 5: Comparison

Here is the casino vs the real one for comparison

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