Introduction: Casset Player Safe

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I'm sure many of you are familliar with the hard drive safe, i will show you how to make a safe out of an old car casset tape player, which has over 2 times as much room.

Step 1: Find Your Device

First, find an old casset player from a car junkyard.

Step 2: Get Your Tools.

What you will need:
Old casset player
Screwdriver ( preferably ratcheting )
Screwdriver ends
Pliers and assorted cutters
Cable ties
High power soldering gun
Patience ( Very Important! )

Step 3: Step 1: Remove Knobs and Mounting

Start by removing any mounting attachments and the knobs from the panel ( you may need pliers ).
Put these to the side.

Step 4: Step 2: Unscrew

Remove the screws holding in the front panel.Cut any wires leading to it. Remove it and put it to the side along with the screws.

Step 5: Step 3: Begin Dismantaling

Prying off the top, then remove the screws holding in the bottom, put these to the side. Remove the bottom.

Step 6: Step 4: Remove Soldered Connections.

There will no doubt be soldered metal tabs attaching the circuit board. Use the soldering gun on high to remove them. heat until the solder is melted and quickly pull away with pliers, unless you have a solder remover.

Step 7: Step 5: Remove Hardware.

Unscrew any visable screws and remove whatever parts that come loose. Then turn over the casset player and remove screws from the bottom of the circuit board and from the sides.

Step 8: Step 6: Picture

It should now look like this.

Step 9: Step 7: Mutilation

Cut any wires and remover any circuit boards, lights, ect., BUT keep the connections for the knobs in place! After correctly done it should look loke this.

Step 10: Step 8: Re-assembly

Start by placing the bottom panel back in place,and holding it there with cable ties, tighten and trim them to have them as inconspicuous as possible.

Step 11: Step 9: Continued

Bend back any metal that is in the way, and replace the top cover, leave it loose, but it should snap in.

Step 12: Step 10: Continued

Now put back the front panel, and screw it back into place, put the knobs back in and your done!

Step 13: Comparisson

These picture are to compare the size of this hidden safe to the hard drive safe.

Step 14: Video

This is a video showing you how it looks.

Step 15: Thanks

Thank you for viewing my instructable, please feel free to post any coments or suggestions, they are appreciated.