Introduction: Cassette Tape Table Lamp

After seeing other instrucables :
I decided to create a similar lamp using stuff I had lying around my place.

Step 1: Construct the Lamp Base

Remove the light bulb, and disable the lamp. You should be left with the base and light fitting.
Attach the rubber feet to the lamp base with the adhesive strips
Place an energy efficient bulb back in the lamp

Step 2: Construct the Cassette Tape Tower

Rewind/Fast-forward through the cassettes so that the tape is evenly distributes on each side.
Run wire through the eyelets, and create a column of cassette tapes (four tapes high)
Build three more columns and wire the columns together, one at a time.

Step 3: Assemble the Lamp

Use adhesive strips to attach the cassette tower to the base.
Cut to colored sheet of plastic to the proper height. It should be slightly shorter than the cassette tape tower. Roll the plastic up and place it within the cassette tower.
The plastic shouldn’t melt as long as it isn’t touching the bulb, and you are using a bulb that doesn’t output much heat. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on the lamp during its initial use, and make sure there aren’t any problems.