Introduction: Cast a Concrete Apple.

Cast an apple or other object with concrete.

Step 1: Hi Today Id Like to Show You How to Cast an Apple in Concrete. This Was My First Attempt and My First Instructable. This Might Take 2 Days.

The first step is gathering the materials. this list includes

.an apple
.a plastic box. mine was for storing flour but it needs to be taller than the apple. picture shown
.white portland cement(hard to find, you could use plain maybe)
. petrolium jelly
.red concrete colorant

Step 2: Coat Box or Tupperware With Petroleum Jelly or Thin Layer of Grease.

coat box with petroleum jelly of grease.

Step 3: Mix Portlant Cement

Mix portland cement so it is like pancake batter. Scoop some a couple inches up the box
Grease apple and stick it in the cement. so it is halfway up the apple. Grease corks and stick them on either side of apple.

Step 4: 2nd Half of Mold

After one day, when the cement is hard, grease cement and take out corks but leave apple. Next mix a little more cement and scoop it around apple but leave a hole at the top.

Step 5: Break Mold Open.

After another day take a screw driver and open mold after releasing it from box. Take out apple. the corks are to make a space for the second half to fill and then later will line up once hard. one broke off on mine but it still lined up perfect. Next grease the mold. Mix more cement and add red colorant. you can make it more marble looking by not fully mixing the color. I should have added more color in.mine.

Step 6: Fill

First if there are small air bubbles just smooth them out with grease. I filled the bottom half with the colored cement and shook it to get the air bubbles out.then put the second half back on and fill as much up and shake but put pressure on the top because ot will rise up. some will come out the sides. wait a day.

i made a stem by putting a 3 inch piece of leather shoelace in the hole made by the stem.

Step 7: Open Mold and Release

Open mold and release apple. This was easy. i had one tiny void that i filled with more red cement. then i waited a couple hours a smoothed it with steel wool. the next day i soaked it for an hour to make sure it was hard. the real apple is on the right. can you tell?

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10: