Introduction: Cast Paper Gears

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To run any mechanism gears are basic requirement. Now days their are various simple and accurate ways to manufacture gears. 3D printing and laser cutting make gear making very easy.

But in my case I am far away from 3D printing and laser cutting. For

“Time contest” I was planning to make simple clock. And for clock mechanism gears are must. So I was thinking about making gears with household items. Due to this I started this project and end it with having pairs of working gears.

Step 1: Material Require

White paper

Paper glue

Board pins/pins


Paper knife


Step 2: Making Gear Template

Sorry as I am unable to upload template, but it is very easy to make in CAD software. And I also think my template is useless for you as this was made for special purpose that is for making clock and it is divided in 60 equal parts.

For your use divide circle in equal parts of number of teeths you require.

Any way this is it, just for your reference. I also mark various circle size so I can pick any diameter for gear.

Step 3: Making Gear Hub

To make hub cut one template to gear root size. For me it is 100mm.

Now place it over a full template, bottom template will give reference for keeping gear teeth length same.

Step 4: Attach Teeth to Gear Hub

For teeth I used matchsticks as they are easy to find and easy to work.

I break sticks in half and start glue them around circumference of gear template.

Be careful and don’t glue bottom template

Step 5: Strengthening

To strengthen hub I used cardboard circle to back support.

Just cut a cardboard circle with help of circle template and glue it

Step 6: Conclusion


don’t claim about its accuracy. It is totally depend on craftsmanship and material trueness. But still they can use to design and check simple mechanism.

With help of this we can make spur gear and bevel gear.

This project will never compete with 3D printing and laser cutting but it is far cheap than them (cheap supply is always my priority).

So those who want to make gear by their own, you know how to do it. Their may be also many other simple way to make gear but I like this.

Thanks for reading, this my first instructable so your suggestion are most welcome.

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