Introduction: Casting Aluminium Clutch Levers for Motorcycles

a previous attempt. rough looking but works. function over form

Step 1: The Sand Casting Mold

to begin, I made a sand cast of the store bought clutch lever and it left very detailed imprints on the sand.
if u look closely, u will see that i made a small channel which is going to be my sprew.

Step 2: The Furnace

I already have scrap aluminiun such as pistons with broken skirts, bits of broken levers and clutch covers.
the firnace is a pot with a hole underneath it and two vent at the top. a portable fan blows air under the pot and the fire grows bigger.
the fuel for the furnace is regular firewood chopped into peices that fit nicely inside.
image 2 shows the inside before wood chips are placed.

Step 3: Casting

I've skipped the details about melting and now Ive poured the metal into the cast.
the cast is set horizontally and funnel is formed with sand to direct metal into the sprew

Step 4: Casting Process

I proceed to pour the molten metal into the cast and and produced the molds.

Step 5: Polishing and Drilling

In the final steps i went on to polish up the items and drilling holes on them. The rest of the process from here is fairly simple.

Step 6: Rejects

Even a backyard casting job needs standards and this one did not make it through

Step 7: