Introduction: Casting Lead Into the Recently Welded Steel Mold. Got 1.1 Kg (2.5 Lbs) Ingot

I’ve welded a steel mold for casting ingots from metal scrap. I’m planning to use it mostly for pouring brass, aluminum, bronze and copper.

Step 1: Easier to Work With Lead

Now, I’ll test my new steel mold by casting lead. If something goes wrong it’ll be much easier to work with lead which has 327.5 C° (621 F) melting point than with other metals. I covered all inside surfaces of a mould with slack lime. It should prevent any metals sticking.

Step 2: Nothing Unexpected Has Happened

During the test, nothing unexpected has happened. It was easy to take out a bar when it cooled down.

Step 3: ​The Weight

The weight of the lead ingot is 1.142 kg (or 2.5 lbs). In the future, I’ll try to use this steel mold for pouring other non-ferrous metals.