Castle Planter (with Tinkercad Code Blocks)




Introduction: Castle Planter (with Tinkercad Code Blocks)

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This design here took me quite a while to accomplish, and since my coding skills are, limited to say the least, I hope it turned out ok :) Using the instructions provided you should be able to completely recreate every aspect of this design without any outside help, skill, or knowledge. Every picture has the code on the side and when combined it will create the entire project!

you will probably need to click on the pictures to get the whole view. sorry.

Make sure on every step to look at the code in the picture it will get you a long way!

Hope you like it! :)

here it is in Tinkercad


Computer, and time thats about all you need.

Step 1: Step 1: the Base

pretty self explanatory

Step 2: Step 2: Cube With a Hole

just do the written code.

Step 3: Step 3; Again

This is step two over again, eventually we will miter the bottom one to the top with a pyramid.

Step 4: Step 4: First Bricks

the bricks are all in a row just do what the code shows. :)

Step 5: Step 5: First Circles

These are the first circles, just like the bricks they are in a row and you can copy the code.

Step 6: Step 6: Bricks

need I tell you to follow the code :) its the same thing but rotated 90 degrees.

Step 7: Step 7: Second Set of Circles

just like the first one, but rotated 90 degrees

Step 8: Step 8: What Do You Know! Its Bricks Again!

Its bricks again same old thing as the other two just do this one twice, and rate 180 degrees. Or follow the code :)

Step 9: Step 9: Bricks

This time you need to raise the bricks just above the first set. there are two sets here, and they need to be offset as the picture and code shows.

Step 10: Step 10; Bricks Row 2 Finish

finish off row two!

Step 11: Step 11: Bricks

well better get started on row three! noticing a theme.

Step 12: Step 12: Bricks Finish

Finally we get to finish the bricks! :) hurray. If you didn't lear from the last 100 times, all you have to do is follow the code :) lol

Step 13: Step 13: Miter It Off!

use the pyramid and cut the top. also get those edges aligned!

Step 14: Step 14: Circles Number 3!

well here we go again, same concept as the bricks same concept as the other two circles. ENJOY!

Step 15: Step 15: Circles Again!

Its the end of the circles you have been rotating them like crazy! :)

Step 16: Step 16: New Miter

follow the same concept as the last one, look at the code! :)

Step 17: Step 17: the First of the Pyramids

seeing a trend here! :)

Step 18: Step 18: the Second of the Four Pyramids.

enjoy doing it again rotate 90 degrees!

Step 19: Step 19: Pyramids

try for three!

Step 20: Step 20: Pyramid Finish

Just follow the code in the picture and you will be fine!

Step 21: Step 21: Tower

there appears to be a lot going on here, but there are actually few shapes stick to the code and you will be fine.

Step 22: Step 22: Support

again stick to the code! most of this is just for decoration. :)

Step 23: Step 13: Top and Windows

black the windows, and miter the top, makes it printable! :)

Step 24: Step 24: Crenelations

its just holes in the top! :) look at the code to decide what to do.

Step 25: Step 25: Decor

you are finally finished! great job! hope you loved this inscrutable. yes it should be 3D printable.

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Josiah Miller
Josiah Miller

Reply 1 year ago

:) Le hannon!

Michael Ironstone
Michael Ironstone

Reply 11 months ago

Carnen an gwend, mellon nin!


12 months ago

me tinker cad bro

Maria Ravandiel
Maria Ravandiel

1 year ago

Awesome!!! With your instructions I could figure out how to do this without ANY outside help! I'm not very good on tinkercad, and this REALLY teaches you how do do it... more than anyone else I've seen!! You're a great teacher!! Amazing Job!!! :)

Josiah Miller
Josiah Miller

Reply 1 year ago

:) thanks.


1 year ago

This is cool. Would you be willing to make the project public on Tinkercad and share the link?


1 year ago

Just an FYI to anyone who attempts to follow this instructable... a lot of the values shown in the pictures are not correct if you follow this exactly 100% there will be lots of gaps and it will not be 3D printable at all. I struggled for hours to correct everything so all of the objects are connected properly and to get everything to line up nicely.

Josiah Miller
Josiah Miller

Reply 1 year ago

Actually that it not correct. I have off set everything by -2.5 on the x axis. :) also what you are probably missing is that the screenshots have a little bit of the previous and next steps in the them, cause I am bad at photography. If necessary you can copy my work and see it, that will prove that it works here's the link! enjoy yourself! :)