Introduction: Casual DIY| Kawaii Decoden Phone Case

Hey guys!

I've been obsessed with all things kawaii more than usual, of late and have been really enjoying making decoden inspired cases! I have a video embedded so you can watch along, if that helps!

Let's begin!

Step 1: What You'll Need

To begin, you will need:

~Decoden bling




~A work surface

~Different nozzles

Step 2: Important No No's

Remember: It's important, before you begin making your wonderful creations, to keep in mind that you want this to be an aid to a functioning piece of technology! This means that you do not want to cover the holes in the cases you choose to work on! If so, it may muffle/alter the sound and the camera will be blocked.

You can use a wide array of surfaces to create decoden art on, but for cases I prefer a rubbery, silicone texture as it has more give when you pull the case onto your phone. Here, however, I have a hard plastic phone case. It works well too! ~ Have a look around and find your own preference! :D

Step 3: Nozzles

To start, you want to choose which colours you want to use and the nozzles you'll want to use for each one.

The different nozzles will help to create different patterns in your work!

If you like to be a perfectionist and make sure you make as little mistakes as possible, you can always map out the design you are hoping to accomplish!

Step 4: Start :P

This is when you can begin to lay down the decoden paint in any way you want! You can sway between colours, nozzles, patterns and designs! The possibilities are endless!

I went for a wavy design here, with the subtle idea of the white and blue paint being waves and foam from the sea!

Remember: Clean your nozzles regularly. This will help to prevent clogging! If it clogs then splutters whilst your working, it could ruin the whole thing!

Step 5: Cabochon Time!!

Now pick out all your cute cabochons, charms, gems, etc and lay them down on the paint base however you like! You can even add plastic sprinkles for that added sweet touch!

I find that my creations usually takes around 3-4 days to dry, depending on how thick I've put the decoden paint down! To be safe, especially if you're selling them, I like to leave them alone for a full week, to really dry down!

And there you have it! Your own unique, cute case! ~This can be used on things like phone cases, DS cases, hair brushes, bags (I think, depending on the surface)! Just go crazy and let your mind explore!