Introduction: Casual Cardboard Stool

So what I tried to make was a casual stool with recycled materials whose form comfortably receive the body. I used six plotter tubes and some old corrugated cardboard. Although the structure is made only with cardboard, the result was a very resistant and solid stool. The Rhinoceros model and the templates are at the end of the instructable.

Step 1: Find the Materials

We will need some corrugated cardboard and six plotter tubes, five of them must have the common radio (5,3 cms) and the other must be larger (but if you have only small plotter tubes you can change the templates.

Print the frontal face template and cut it in the border so you can use it later as a stencil.

Step 2: Mark the Cardboard

Use a pen to mark the borders of the frontal face. For the circules I marked the radio and then I used a compass with the measures to make more exactly marks. Cut eight layers.

TIP: the waves of the cardboard have directions, cut half the layers with horizontal way and half with vertical way.

Step 3: CUT!!!!

Use a cutter and patiently cut the eight layers, I used a compass cutter for the circular holes (of course if you have a laser cutter it is much simple). Then, cut the plotter tubes with a saw.

Step 4: Stick the Layers

When you have the eight layers, apply a gentle cape of wooden glue and make a kind of sandwich alternating the layers who has horizontal and vertical way direction. use some books as weight and press everything in its place.

Leave the cardboard layers dry about ten hours. Past time, join the plotter tubes and the layer sandwiches and your stool is ready to use it.

Step 5: Enjoy

Hope you like it !!! :P

Step 6: Templates and 3dm. Model

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