Introduction: Cat Activity Wall

We wanted to create an activity wall for the teenage cat room at a local animal shelter. They wanted the wall to act similar to the cat activity walls in the cattery. We planned to build cubbies, shelves, and a place to hold a litter box. We wanted to decorate it with dangling toys and bright colors.

Step 1: Design the Cat Wall.

Step 2: Materials

3 Sheets of ½-inch Plywood 4X8 feet

2 Slat Boards 4X8 feet

3 brackets for slat board

3 10-foot 2”X4” wood boards

Small box of #10 3 ½-inch exterior screws

2 Self-closing cabinet door hinges

1 1½-inch knob

Kilz 2 Primer

Paint: SW 6477 Tide Water, SW 6711 Parakeet, SW 6675 Afternoon, SW 6486 Reflecting Pool

Paint brushes, rollers and roller pads

1 roll of pink twine

1 roll 100 Foot ¼-inch Sisal rope 100

Sand Paper


XL Litter box

6 Assorted cat toys

Assorted sizes of craft mirrored circles

Glue Gun sticks

Step 3: Tools Used

Table saw

Miter saw


Circular saw

Nail gun

Long ruler



Screw driver

Electric drill


Hot glue gun

Step 4: Instructions

Cut one of the slat boards to be 5 feet 8 inches long. The other slat board remains the original size.

Step 5:

Measure and cut plywood as shown using a table saw and circular saw as needed.

Step 6:

Cut out fish design on 3 of the sides for the cabinet and cubbies using a jigsaw.

Step 7:

Sand and prime all sides of the wood pieces.

Step 8:

Paint each piece of wood as desired.

We used “Afternoon” for the inside of each piece, “Parakeet” for the shelf, box shelf, and the top of the table, “Reflecting Pool” on the outside of the cubbies and cabinet, and “Tide Water” on the ladder and slat boards.

Step 9:

Assemble the box shelf, cubby #1 and #2, table and shelf as shown in the picture. Use wood glue, nails and screws as needed.

Step 10:

Assemble the cabinet with the door, using the hinges and door knob.

Step 11:

Wrap the table legs with sisal rope and hang the toys underneath.

Step 12:

Wrap the ladder with sisal rope every 6 inches.

Step 13:

Attach brackets to the back of the box shelf, shelf and cubby #1.

Step 14:

Hot glue craft mirrors on the cabinet and extra fish cutouts. Hang toy balls as the eyes of fish.

Step 15:

Hang slat boards 1 foot off of the floor, placing screws into the wall studs.

Step 16:

Assemble all pieces as shown in the picture. The extra fish cutouts can hang anywhere above the slat boards.