Introduction: Cat Feces Detector

This revolutionary device will be useful, handy, and helpful for a lot of cat owners. Since, it reminds cat owners to clean cat feces immediately when the sandbox is dirty, furthermore, keeping a clean environment for cats. Which maintaining a clean environment for cat is crucial to cultivate a happy cat.

Here is how it works:

There will be ultra sonic sensors to detect a cat’s movement

after the ultra sonic sensor detects movement from a cat it sends signals to the arduino board

then, there will be a Red or Green Led indication for showing whether or not a cat had recently use the bathroom

last but not least, after the owner cleans cat sandbox, he or she could press the reset button for further usage


Supplies will be enlisted in the following steps

Step 1: Supplies Needed to Make Cat Feces Detector

1x green LED

1x red LED

1x ultra sonic LED

1x button

10x cable (better if they are in different colours, easier to differentiate)

3x 500Ω resistors

1x Arduino leonardo

1x breadboard

1x cardboard or Box (Big enough to put in Arduino and bread board is an abundant size)

Step 2: Illustration on Blueprint of the Machine

This may help or aid in the overall understanding for the circuits of this particular machine

Step 3: Arduino Circuit (Raw Image)

With different perspectives, to help understanding. Make making easier.

Step 4: Arduino Code

The code has descriptions on how it works (if you are interested in the process)

Step 5: Add Decorations

Take a box ideally (25cmx18cmx6cm)

  1. make a square hole in the front of the box
  2. make a hole on top right of the lid on the box (for button)
  3. make two small holes on top of the lid on the box (middle is recommended)
  4. make a hole in the rear end of the box (for usb cable )
  5. polish the box and decorations by honing it with a sand paper, smooth out rough edges
  6. Following step one, insert the ultrasonic sensor
  7. Following step two, insert the button
  8. following step three, place a well cut paper on top of the two holes that were previously cut (For advanced projection of Led indications )
  9. Following step 4 insert a micro Usb in the rear end of the box
  10. Finally, close the box and plug in power outlet, then ENJOY the machine.

Step 6: Product Video

This is the product video

which shows a cat going to the bathroom,

then drops his dung.

whilst unaware of being detected by the machine

the light (LED) on top of the machine turned from green into red

Red shows the sandbox is dirty, and needs care and immediate attention

Green shows the sandbox is clean, don’t have to worry about it being dirty

Furthermore, after cleaning and tidying up the box, press the reset button on top of the box if you notice the indication light is red.