Introduction: Cat Feeding Post

Hello Everyone!

Do you have Cats and Dogs?

I have made a new design that has never been made before, but there is some designs that have something similar to what I have made. I have invented a brand new cat post the keeps your cats active and keep other animals out of your cat's food so that they stay safe and your cats get the exercise that they need.

The reason I came up with this product is because I have two cats and a dog, but my dog always gets in our cat food. She either knocks it off the stool/place we put it on. Sometimes it will already be on the ground, so she can get to it without having to work for it.

The way I have made this post to keep

It is very hard to get standing, cat food holders for a good price. I have found the best D.I.Y. that you can make at home with very little skill needed for a low price. The best standing post I have found is this very small design that is still able to be reached by dogs and other animals>DIY Cat Projects on Pinterest | Cat Toys, Cat Tree and Homemade ...

Check out the steps to see step-by-step instructions you can follow along with and build it yourself at home.

Step 1: The Materials.

First, you will need to buy the

First we can start by buying the main essentials to start building. The first thing you will need to build is the wood. I used two standard pieces of Plywood (8',4'), we will also need two 2',2' square pieces of Plywood or and wood of your choice, and a giant piece of 6',6' carpet of your choice. Now lets get started on the building...

See Step 2 for the actual building.

Step 2: The Basic Assembly.

First we will start by cutting the boards and laying the carpet.

I recommend using a T-Square for the following...

Lay the boards down on a safe cutting area and measure length. Now we shall take our Plywood sheets and cut them to the size that we will be using. we first need to cut the sheets in half and down to four feet. Then we will need to screw the boards together, we did three screws two on the edge and one in the middle... Next we will need to put the base and the top onto the built cube. be sure to only have the 6" hang-over on two sides of the top (but on the bottom it should have all 6" hang-over on all four sides).

Now that we are done with the cutting boards we need to cut the carpet, but do not fret this is the easy part. Now we have to cut the carpet to a big piece that is 4',4' height and length.

Follow through to Step 3 to see the conclusion and final pictures.

Step 3: Finished Product

So here is were we see the finished build...

So as you can see we had one problem with the board splitting but that was the only problem we encountered.

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