Introduction: Cat Fly Game

Today i will show you how to make a game ,and you chose a name.

Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Pick a Character.

You need for this project. Fist in the bottom right corner of your screen face with a plus, after you click it you will see a lot of Characters to chose from.

Step 2: Pick a Backdrop

Pick a back drop. in bottom right corner of your screen, background option. Click or make your own

Step 3: Fly Past Something

Click on the sprites button , it can be anything like a bear. I picked a bus

Step 4: Make the Code

Do the code in the top!

Step 5: Code Your Character

Click on your character, after that it should show a blank page

Step 6: Move With Arrow Keys

do the code on top

Step 7: Choose an Object to Collect

I making my sprite collect crystals

Step 8: Code Your Object

Do the code on the top

Step 9: Done

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