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Introduction: Cat Food Can Clock

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If you have a cat you probably throw away a lot of cat food cans. Here's a fun way to make them into a cute clock.


  • Cat food or tuna can
  • Wire - 14 or 16 gauge
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • An awl/punch
  • Clock guts

Step 1: Prepare Your Can

Wash your cat food or tuna can thoroughly. Punch a hole in the center. It will need to be at least 3/16" to accommodate the clock movement. It's very helpful to mark the can on the inside to establish your "top" and "bottom."

Step 2: Wire Work

Start with about a 16" length of wire. To create the "bell" make a spiral out of wire. Be sure to bend the tail of the wire so that is centered under the spiral - like a mushroom. Use the pliers to pull and shape the spiral into more of a three dimensional sphere.

Step 3: Make the Striker

Make two holes on the top of the can. Make one directly over your vertical mark and the other just to the left of that hole. (when viewed from the front the second hole will be to the right of the vertical hole) Carefully feed the tail of the bell/spiral down through the vertical hole and up through the other hole. Now make a spiral with the wire coming up through the second hole. This will be the "striker." (obviously just visual - it's non-funtional)

Step 4: Make the Legs

Punch four holes in the bottom section of the can for the legs. Bend about a 10" length of wire in a "U" shape so that the middle section matches the distance between the holes. Feed the wire through the holes. Repeat for the other set of legs. Use the pliers to make spirals on the ends of the wire to make the legs. The legs can be pretty finicky. I think part of the whimsical nature of this clock come from the irregularity of the wire. Play with the wire until you get legs where you like them - keeping in mind the vertical orientation of the clock and how "funky" and playful you want it to be.

Step 5: Insert the Clock Guts

Now insert the clock workings from the back of the can and secure with the hardware that comes with the works. Because this is a pretty small clock I trimmed the hands of the clock with some wire snips.

Step 6: Finish

Add a AA battery and you have yourself a unique, fun little clock!!

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