Introduction: Cat Hideout

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So our cat Kinky loves to run through boxes and an old rolled oats container. I thought he night like something a little bigger and cuter. He loves it . At first he just tried to eat it.

Step 1: Materials

Lets get started.

  • 1 yard of fleece
  • sheet of white and black felt
  • 1 yard of red felt
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • patterns or free hand
  • 8 inch concrete tube
  • spray adhesive
  • saw
  • fiber fill

Step 2: Pattern

*This is my first time making a pattern for other people so bare with me please.

1. Print out your pattern, lay the pieces out to make sure they are in the right order. Match up the letters. Cut out and it should look like this.

Step 3: Folding the Body Fabric

1. Take your yard of fleece and lay it out. Cut so that you have two equal 1 yard pieces

2. Now fold it in half so that the length is still a yard but the with is about 15 inches.

Step 4: Cutting the Body

1. Next take your fish body pattern and lay it on the fold. Trace it out and cut. Do the same to the other piece of blue fleece.

Step 5: Cutting the Rest of the Patterns

1. Cut out the rest of your patterns. Cut your red felt into a piece that is 26in x ll.

Step 6: Sewing the Mouth and Eyes

1. Fold your red felt in half long ways. Sew the ends together.

2. Sew the black eye piece onto the white eye piece.

3. Place the other piece of white felt on top of the other piece. Make sure that the black part is facing in and sew around the curved edge. Leaving the straight edge open. Then turn it right side out. Set aside for now.

Step 7: Sewing the Body

1. Sew around the body of the fish. Leave the straight part open.

2. Once you have do all of that it is time to put it all together. Place the mouth piece inside the blue body opening with the seems facing out, the same direction. Sandwich the eyes between the mouth and body part so you layers look like this. The black part of the eye should be touching the red mouth part. The eye placement is up to you I chose to put mine close together in the center.

Step 8: Almost Done Sewing

1. Turn your project right side out. You will notice that the mouth seem is facing out on the bottom. That is because we are going to fold it over. Fold the end of the mouth toward the eyes. Sew all the way around.

2. Stuff the tail and sew across to keep the stuffing from coming out. This part is optional.

3. When You are done with that lay the fish out flat and push the cat off.

4. Make a 3 inch cut across the seam to insert the fins. Again, you can make this anywhere, I would recommend doing it in the middle or closer to the front, make sure it is even on both sides.

5. Flip your fish inside out so that the smaller part of your fin is pushed through the hole. You should see the seams of the body part and only the end of the fin.

Step 9: Power Tools

1. Now that you are done sewing set that aside and get out the power tools. Measure your concrete tube to be 22 inches, mark and cut.

2. This part is optional also. I used spray adhesive to add scrap piece of fleece inside. You can cover the whole inside, or even add a little more cushion, it is up to you. My cat would eat it so I like to keep it simple.

3. Then push it inside the fish.

Step 10: Finally Done

You are done, yay.. My cat loves it, He also enjoys chewing on it too.

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