Introduction: Cat Labyrinth

We love cats and we want to make them happy. The cat is a beast. Cats like hunting. Our toy is very good for cats to satisfy cats of their hunting tastes. They can cathing the ball in labyrinth and they really love it (especally little cats).

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Step 1: Drawings

At the first we need to make the drawing of this toy. I have made it in Corel. It can be done in any graphics software. The toy is made of 6mm thick plywood, so the drawings are made according to this.

Step 2: Laser Cuting and Assembling

We need cut plywood by the laser machine. Our laybyrinth was cutted on the Epilog machine. Great laser machine.

Assembling is easy by using some glue for wood. We spend about 5 minutes by this funny work.

Just put together parts and wait to glue dry.


We have made realy nice toy for our cat. The only thing we need - ball or more balls which can cat to catch.

Now its time for game!

Step 3: Funding

Once more

If you like this toy, I will be very appreciate of your partiticipation of this project.

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