Cat Litter Conversion

Introduction: Cat Litter Conversion

Just a little instructable or rather an idea without much detail. We catowners all know the smell of catpoop. An open litterbox doesn't contribute to that fact. We have a closed off litterbox but still the smell is horrid from time to time. The fact that we eat only a few meters away ads up to my irritation. Nowadays we also have a little babyboy crawling around so the litterbox has to go. But placing the litterbox in the garage or another room is no option. Then my girl said she actually wanted a pedestal or small cabinet with a plant on top on the spot of the litterbox. That was when that little lightbulb above my head began to light up.

Step 1: Making the Cabinet/pedestal

Sadly I don't have any pictures of the buildingproces. I only pictures I have are these silly pictures of my brother goofing around. Yes he also has a cat and he wanted me to make him a cabinet aswell.

This build is pretty straight forward. Just take measurements of your (i mean the cat's) litterbox. Use these measurements as the inner dimensions of your cabinet. Decide on a height and start cutting some wood!

I used scaffoldingwood for my build but ofcourse you can use any type of wood you like. I ended up making the cabinet a bit bigger then my litterbox because then I could use 3 whole planks instead of 3 shopped planks. It all looks nicer. I made 4 'sides' each existing out of 3 planks. I screwed the sides together with scraps of wood, all on the inside of the cabinet so the outside looks clean. I didn't use any glue since this was a quick job. To give it more strength I braced the inside with triangle shaped pieces of wood that fit neatly in the corners. For the doorside I just screwed in a piece of wood in from side to side. The door closes against it.

The door side of the cabinet is fixed in place with a piano hinge. I cut out the 'cat hole' with my jigsaw. With a few magnets the door stays shut. For the top of the cabinet I cut diagonal planks so the edges looked smoother.

All in all a simple build which took me several hours. The other fun part was the suprise for my girl since she didn't know I was making one. It passed her inspection with flying colors!

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    4 years ago

    Ok why post this on instructable?
    No intrusions, no sketch, no list?
    I like the box


    Reply 3 years ago

    I agree, this isn't really worthy of being an instructable.

    Floyd Holland
    Floyd Holland

    4 years ago

    Hi Jen,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I did noticed the hand ofcourse but I didn't think much of it (apart from being goofy). I blurred it and reloaded the picture. Hopefully it's okay now.