Introduction: Cat Perch Tree From Junk

This is an easy to build cat tree with minimal tools using junk you may have laying around in just a couple of hours. I went picking over at dads to collect some wood, PVC pipe, rope, carpet, and a plastic tub. 50' of rope only got us 1' of wrapped pipe so I need to go get some more, but for now I am calling it finished since I will have to buy more rope and this tree was made 100% free with re-purposed items.

Step 1: What You Need. A.k.a. What You Can Use:

You can use anything you can find really. I had no idea what I was going to dad's for. My 1st plan was to use a pallet for all the wood parts. I just walked around the barn getting ideas and drawing a plan in my head. Found a trailer full of PCV so I grabbed a 6" piece. Found the plastic tub I thought would be good for the base. Grabbed some rope. Found some doors I had taken off of my entertainment stand to fit a bigger TV that was perfect for the perches. Grabbed a bag of screws and a bit of carpet and headed back home.

You can substitute the PVC for cardboard tube.

I used my drill, jigsaw, sawzaw, tape measure, and sharpie for this build.
You really don't have to measure anything. I only measured where I wanted the platforms with 2' spacings.

Step 2: Quick Video

This is just a quick video from start to almost finish. The only thing not shown is I screwed the PVC pipe to the side of the tub.

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