Cat Rescue

Introduction: Cat Rescue

Hello, we are uploading this project for our homework. This is a project to make bored exercisers have fun with a game called 'Cat Rescue'. Squats, planks, deadlifts ... many helpful exercises are unfortunately boring. Cat Rescue brings a plenty of cute cats into your exercise and changes it to a game. We made two versions of Cat Rescue: one for static exercises, Cat Flood, and the other one for repetitive exercises, Cat Migration.

In Cat Flood for static exercises, you have to hold your position to save cats from flood. Run the game and be in front of the camera of the computer. If you move, water will fall from the moved body parts onto the cats. If you move too much, the waterfall will cause a flood and cats will be swept away - it's your fault!

In Cat Migration for repetitive exercises, you have to rescue the cats from the flood you made in Cat Flood. Use your barbell as a lifeboat for cats. Run the game and hold your barbell. Cats will appear, willing to evacuate to a higher place. Put the barbell down so the cats can get on your barbell. Then lift your barbell so the cats can successfully reach a safer place. Save as many cats as you can.

Step 1:

Download Processing 3.0.1 and program CatFlood and CatMigration.


After you download Processing, download libraries also.

(You can download libraries inside Processing IDE, 'Sketch > Libraries > Add Libraries')

You need "sound" library and "video" library.

Step 2:

Next, just download "" and "", and unzip those.

They can be opened with Processing IDE.


If possible, download any app that can remote control your computer with your cellphone(e.g. Chrome remote desktop). It helps you watch your posture while you do suspension exercise. Run CatFlood. If you want to do repetitive exercise, Go to Step 6.

Step 3:

Run CatFlood and hold a pose. If you click Processing play button, the game starts. (If you have a remote control app, you can do this with your cellphone.)

Step 4:

Water leaks from the body parts that are different from the original position.

Step 5:

If the water level is higher than a certain height, cats are swept away and the game is over.

You can check how long you did suspension exercise.

Step 6:

Let's rescue the cats. Hold a barbell with a distinguishing color, and run CatMigration.

Step 7:

There is a square in the middle of the screen. Lap your barbell over this squre. Then the barbell can be registered and the game starts.

Step 8:

When the game starts, two cliffs are displayed on both sides in the screen. Stand in the center of the screen keeping your hip at the height of a lower cliff and your shoulder at the height of a higher cliff.

There are two lines on both sides of you. Place the barbell across the lines, then red marks are displayed on the lines. If the barbell are recognized at both lines, the cats can finally get on the barbell.

Step 9:

The cats want to go to a safer place from the flood. Hold your barbell and put down it for the cats to get on it. And lift the barbell, then the cats move upwards.

The number of cats you rescue will be displayed at the corner of the screen. If you rescue more and more cats, you can see special cat characters.

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