Introduction: Cat Tower

A fun play structure for your furry friend!

What you'll need:

  1. One 12" cement form tube
  2. A box of 1 3/4" construction screws
  3. Two pieces of 24" x 24" x 1" wood
  4. Two pieces of 4" x 4" x 48" wood
  5. One roll of 8' x 10' outdoor carpeting (or carpet of your choice)
  6. Two 3" screws
  7. 4 yards of fleece fabric
  8. One 20 oz bag of Poly-fil Polyester stuffing

Please be advised not to use carpeting that consists of loops of yarn, as cats may catch their claws on the loops and injure themselves.

Step 1: Measure & Cut

Take on of your flat pieces of 24" x 24" wood and measure out a circle with a diameter of 11 3/4". Repeat this three more times until you have four even circles traced out. Only trace the circles on one piece of wood, as the other piece is going to act as the base. Using an electric saw, cut the circles out. They may not fit in the tube at first, but it's better to have to trim the edges than to have them be too small.

Step 2: Carpet the Base & Poles

Take the two 2" x 2" x 48" pieces of wood and the carpeting. Line up the edge of the carpet with the edge of the wood. Take the staple gun and secure the carpet down. Roll the carpet around the wood and secure the ends tightly with the staple gun. For the base, take a piece of carpeting with about 3 inches extra all the way around, tuck the edges under the base and staple them down.

Step 3: Cutting the Tower

Now it's time to cut holes into the tower! Measure the tube and mark every 10 inches, then measure up two more, and repeat until you reach the top. At the end of this, you should have four even marks. Now measure 4 inches across, perpendicular to the top of your 10 inch mark. Trace down, and now you should have a rectangle shape on the side of your tube. Repeat these steps for the rest of your levels.

Step 4: Add Levels

Now it's time to put in our wooden platforms. First take one of the circles and make sure it fits well in the top of the tower. If it remains flush without having to adjust it, take your screws and screw the platform into place. Come in from the side of the tube, making sure the screw doesn't break through the wood on either the top or bottom. Repeat this for the other levels, but making sure that they are around the same height as the bottom of the rectangles we just cut.

Step 5: Add Carpeting to the Tube

Now unroll the carpeting and lie your tube with the platforms on it's side on top of the carpet. Keep the edge of the carpet parallel to the tube. To keep the first end down, take a staple gun and try to match up where the carpeting is over the part of the tube that contains the platforms. Once the edge of the carpet is secure, roll the carpet over the tube, making sure to keep it even and tight. Once it reaches all the way around, take your staple gun again and do the same. Make sure to try and line up where the staples going and where the platforms are. Once the carpet is fully secure on the side, lift up the tube and place it upright. Trim the top of the carpet, making sure to leave about 2" of extra. This will be used to secure the top of the carpet to the top of the tower. Fold down the edges neatly and use the staple gun to secure them down.

Step 6: Assemble the Base

Take your two carpeted poles and line them up on two of the corners that are next to one another. From the bottom of the base, Take a 3" screw and screw it into the bottom of the base and up the pole. Repeat the same for the other pole.

Step 7: Add the Bedding

Step 8: Assemble the Rest of the Tower

From the bottom of the base, using the shorter screws, anchor the tower to the base. Use four screws to assure that the base is securely attached to the tower.

Step 9: Let Your Furry Friend Enjoy!