Introduction: Cat Toy Mice!

My Cats are always playing with their toy mice. But sometimes toy mice are expensive and boring. A sparkly mouse can get boring after awhile so why not make it interesting. This is how I decided to make a RC mouse for my four loving cats.

1. A small RC car (I used the Gravity model from "Big 5":
2. Catnip (Fresh or Dry)
3. Catnip spray (Optional).
4. Felt
5. Easter Egg
6. Pink Cotton Ball
7. Googly Eyes

1. Scissors
2. Glue Gun

Step 1:

First you will take your Easter egg and scissors. Open the Easter egg and use your scissors to cut the top and bottom portion in half Like the second picture. Do not cut it down the opening but down the actual egg. Cutting it is very hard but do not worry if the egg cracks. Choose the half of the egg that is bigger to use. Heat up your hot glue gun and seal the crack on the egg so you can not open it anymore.  

Step 2:

Get you felt and spray it with catnip spray. Cut the felt so that it will cover your half of the egg. Put catnip on the felt and wrap it around the egg. Glue the felt onto the egg. Put the catnip on the egg so it is between the felt and egg where your cat will try to get it.

Step 3:

Dab glue on the top of your car and stick it to the top of the egg. Make sure your wheels pop out so they can touch the floor. Test out the car and drive it around. Make sure the antennae is showing so that the car will move on command. I made my antennae the tail by cutting a line in the back of the egg and sticking the antennae through it.

Step 4:

Last but not least make your mouse look good. Add googly eyes and a cotton ball nose. You can make your own tail or add whiskers.

You are now done with a working RC mouse. Hope you and your cat enjoy.

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