Introduction: Cat Hair Cake

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This instructable covers how to make a cake that looks like your cat mauled it. I am not sure why this needed to be made, but here it is!

Alternate title: how to make a cake that looks like you dropped it in the grass. The "hair" turned out a little green. This is what happens when you don't plan ahead. :P

During brainstorming of this cake, the office came up with both cotton candy and hard sugar being good hair substitutes. I wish I could have found regular cotton candy and done that on chocolate frosting. That would have made excellent hairballs.

Step 1: What You Need:

  • a cake (I just used boxed cake mix and canned frosting.)
  • a hard candy recipe
  • some food coloring
  • hours of free time
This is not going to be super detailed since I was winging it. :D

Step 2: Make a Cake and Frost It.

Simple enough. I used a boxed cake mix and jarred frosting.

I baked two cakes, let them cool, stuck them together with frosting and then frosted all the surfaces. :)

Step 3: Make the "hair".

I used this lollipop recipe to make the hard candy. Once it was made and cooled a bit, I added black food coloring to it.

I pulled out a piece of parchment paper and laid it on the counter - this is a good base for the candy as it doesn't stick. I found out that using chopsticks was the best way to make the hair - just dip them in the candy, pull them out, and then let them drip in thin lines on the parchment.

Once the candy has cooled down nearly all the way, you can dip the chopsticks in and then pull it by hand.

(Fun pan cleaning tip: add a couple of cups of water on top of the hardened candy mess and bring to a boil while stirring with a spoon. This will loosen up most of the candy so you can throw it away and then dissolve the rest.)

Step 4: Destroy the Cake a Little.

I used a metal water bottle to apply pressure on one side of the cake and rolled it around on top. It looks sufficiently laid on, I think.

A skillfully wielded butter knife messed it up more, adding claw marks and taking out chunks.

Step 5: Crumble the "hair" and Serve!

Working with the hair is quite tricky. It melts on your fingers like nobody's business.

After I was done, Gary suggested I maybe should have covered my fingers in a powder. (Like cornstarch or flour) He is right. I would try that if you ever feel like making hair out of sugar. :D

I added a few good clumps on top and around the sides, and tried to keep it spread out.

And ta-daaaa! You are done.

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