Introduction: Cat-proof Earring Organizer

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My cats nudge my earrings off the dresser so they can watch them fall to the floor. As a result, most of my earrings have no sister pair.

I needed a cat-proof solution. Right meow.

So I designed this cat-proof earring organizer.

Step 1: Supplies

Cat Benatar. For testing purposes.

Screen. This can be purchased in small or large quantities. I got a piece 2' X 2' at Westlake Hardware for $3.87.

Wood. I used scrap wood but a cheap piece of pine from HD will do the trick. For the base, I cut a piece 7 7/8" X 2" and for the vertical screen holder pieces, I cut 4 pieces 1" wide X 7 5/8" high.

Screws and screwdriver.

Table saw. For cutting the wood.

Step 2: Process

It's a simple organizer. There will be a base and 2 sides. Each side has 2 identical pieces of wood which will squeeze the screen together to hold it in place.

First, the base. I found the center and cut a groove with my table saw. This is where the bottom of the screen will slide in.

The sides of the screen are going to be squeezed together and held in place by the 2 pieces on each side of the base that I mentioned previously and which are 1" wide and 7 5/8" high. I will insert the screen in between the 2 pieces, then glue, and screw. I made sure to pre-drill so as not to split the 1" wide wood. I also countersunk the screw holes so that the screw would sit flush against the wood.

Once the screen was tight inside each side, I slid the bottom of the screen into the groove in the base, and screwed in from the bottom to keep the sides in place.

Then, I hung up my earrings. Cat-proof.

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