Introduction: Catamaran Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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This is a fiber glass catamaran stand up paddle board or simply SUP. SUP boards are more related to a boat like construction rather than a surfboard. The sport of stand up paddle boarding came about in the era of surfing. It is a much larger board used along with a paddle in a standing fashion, to explore, race or surf. The shape and weight will be more determining of what the board is suitable for. This particular model I designed for a fast, long distance, touring style. My board is 12'6" long by 28" wide and weighs around 30-32lbs. The catamaran shape is great for a more stable board. I have not surfed with it as of yet and it is not suitable for a race that has many turns due to the lack of surface area in the rear (the method used to turn a sup is shifting the weight to the rear, raising the nose). Hope you enjoy! Btw:  Eventually I would like to create these completely hollow. If you like what you see, I would appreciate any help. Below is a link on how you can help. Thank You!!!

Step 1: Foam

Buy Blue insulation foam. Panels are 4x8 feet and about $14. You will need 3-4.

Step 2: Cut Foam

Once you have traced a design you like, sketch it on the foam. Measure twice cut once!!

Step 3: Place Pieces Together

Before any glue is used, place the pieces together to make sure they fit correctly.

Step 4: Glue

I used water resistant glue since it will be glassed later anyway.

Step 5: Cut Upper and Bottom Parts

Once the basic shape is glued and pieced together you will need to make the top and bottom of the pontoons.

Step 6: Glue

Once it is fitted and glued. Begin shaping. I used 150 grit sand paper.

Step 7: Second Pontoon

Repeat the steps for the second pontoon.

Step 8: Middle Piece

Join the two pontoons.

Step 9: Deck

Add a deck to stand on.

Step 10: Shape

Shape using sandpaper. Take your time.

Step 11: Get Rid of 90 Deg Corners

I added a rounded edge underneath to ease with glassing.

Step 12: Glassing

Add fiber glass. Use two part epoxy.

Step 13: Add Fin Boxes

After adding 2-3 layers of fiber glass prepare fin boxes. Research angles for the size you are building. Also add any leash holds or net holds at this time.

Step 14: Paint

Design a color scheme and begin painting base color first.

Step 15: Design

Continue with your design scheme. I chose a post apocalyptic look.

Step 16: Glass/epoxy

You can finalize with a thin 4oz fiber glass to seal the images or glass with epoxy alone. Add the epoxy with a brush and add 3 layers total. Let the epoxy sit for 3 hours exactly before its cured to add the next layer.

Step 17: Help Support Us!!

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