Introduction: Catapult

A fun table top entertainment piece

Step 1: The Base

First, you make the base. We designed the sides while we were designing the flat base part. This model is 6 inches by 4 inches, with a height of 4 inches. The over all thickness for this piece is 3/8 inches. After you have the side pieces made, you must put a circular hole in the center of both crossing spaces. If you are interested in a switch or button to pull or push to activate, you should make 2 half circles and attach them to the middle of the back side of the base.

Step 2: The Arm

The arm is the most important part in the process. You are going to make a spoon shaped object. The length of this model is 7 5/8 inches long. The bucket of the arm is 2.36 inches in a trapezoid shape. The next trapezoid is a hole, this will be 2 inches. the body of the arm is 4.71 inches long with a width of 3/8 inches. There are two holes in the body, one on each end. The hole on the trapezoid end needs to be a little bit bigger than the one on the other end. Next is the square on the other end. There is a hole in the square that is 0.8 inches around. the hole is designed for weight. You need to place all the pieces together and then group them.

Step 3: Time to Print.

Try to make the spoon as heavy as possible.

Step 4: Final Touches

Place a dowel rod in the center of the holes in both sides of your base walls, and through the hole by the square. Place a rubber band in the hole close to the spoon. Add weight to the square. put a paperclip through the rubber band and the 2 rings. Load the spoon, pull the clip and watch it fly.