Introduction: Catapult Bottle Opener


I want to present you my prototype of a bottle opener, which reminds me of some kind of catapult.

First of all, here's a video of how it works

In the video you cant see how far the bottle cap flies, but i can tell you: It flies through the whole room and you might have to search it. And beware: Dont let somebody stand in front of the bottle opener, he might get hurt ;-)

PS:I hope you can understand me, Im from Germany ;-)

Step 1: What You Need

  • scrap wood (~0€)
  • a screw with a "V-shaped head" (~0€)
  • 8 small nails (~0€)
  • some metal stick or a longer nail (~0€)
  • a drill
  • a screwdriver
  • a hammer
  • ~1h of time
  • (optional: friends to impress ;-P )

Step 2: Start Constructing


this wood construction is not really hard to create, even for beginners.

You just need the attached sketch and follow these steps:

  1. Cut your scrap wood
  2. Optional, but recommended: sand and paint or oil or varnish the wood
  3. Nail the wood together
  4. Drill the holes for the metal stick
  5. Screw the screw into the lever
  6. Put all parts together

Done :-P

I think this undetailed description is sufficient to create the bottle opener, because its really simple.

Step 3: Prototype Thoughts

I initially made this bottle opener for 0,33L bottles but after some tests, it sometimes (not often) happened, that the 0,33L bottle foamed over.

So, I tested the bottle opener with 0,5L bottles and they never foamed over.

--> If you want to create this bottle opener for 0,33L bottle, you have to construct the lever a little bit lower, with a similar angle like with the 0,5L bottles.


hopefully you like it and "PROST!"