Catapult Construct

Introduction: Catapult Construct

Combat Creatures Construct is a new project from the Combat Creatures brand. The Combat Creatures brand is all about construction, modification and doing things your own way! So on that note we bring you the construct programme. Each fortnight we will be releasing 'how to videos' teaching you how to make some awesome stuff! Some of which will work with your Attacknid and some of which will make a cool toy all on its own.

In this construct project we will show you how to make your very own Catapult Blaster, you can use this to either go Man V Machine against your Attacknid, blaster on blaster with your Nerf blaster or just practice against targets around the house and garden!

- Design Sheet (Find at link below)
- Printer
- Card
- Popsicle Sticks
- Plain Paper
- Craft knife or scissors
- Super Glue
- Tape
- Spray glue
- Elastic Bands
- Bottle Top

Full step by step tutorial and design sheet can be viewed and printed at the below link:

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