Introduction: Catapult Spoon

In this instructables I'm going to make a simple, quick and easy catapult there anyone can make in less than 15 minutes!


One spoon
Some rubber bands
3 Paper clippers
4 Clothespin
9 Popsicle sticks
Some duct tape

Step 1: Making the Body

To make the body you will use the sticks and the clothespin.

Pick three sticks and glue them with the tape, like the first picture. Make this three times.
After make a rectangle using two sticks and two clothespin, like the third picture. 
Put some rubber bands on the corners to make it stronger.

Step 2: Finishing Up

To finish the body we need to put the two clothespin and the sticks in the rectangle. Put some rubber bands on the corners. 

Now you need to put the paper clip on the spoon using some tape. Also put on top a paper clip. 

Put the spoon with the clip on the bottom and put a rubber band connecting  the spoon to the top.

That's it, your catapult is ready to work!
Have fun!

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