Introduction: Catch Catfish Using Limb Lines

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There are many different ways to catch catfish and rod and reel fishing is certainly popular but setline fishing for catfish is also a very popular approach. There are many different forms of setlines from jug fishing, trotlines, throw lines and even fishing with mechanical "yo-yo's" there is no right or wrong way.

One popular way of setline fishing for catfish is using limb lines. Depending on where you are in the United States some people may call this tree limb fishing or bush line fishing.

This involved attaching a piece of braided nylon twine onto a tree limb overhanging a creek or river and baiting up with a variety of different catfish baits and can be a very effective way of fishing for catfish. There are some simple tips to help you be more effective catfishing with limb lines and we cover them step by step in this video.

From setting up your limb lines to what baits and hooks to use and everything in between we cover everything you need to know about catfishing with limb lines in this video.