Catch Worms With Walnuts (video)




Introduction: Catch Worms With Walnuts (video)

Here is a trick I learned a few years ago. It is extremely useful in getting bait using only things you find in the woods and a bucket. Most species of freshwater fish will eat a worm; it's arguably the best all-purpose fishing bait. Be sure you choose a rich, preferably moist area, sch as next to a creek or river. Worms like these areas better than dry, rocky terrain.

You will need:

-Bucket (preferably 5 gallon)

-Smaller container for rinse water

-Black walnut tree dropping walnuts (you can also use liquid dish soap in place of walnuts)

Let the video explain the rest...

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    6 years ago

    You just explained why my now passed away Dad, who was 89 in 2013 when he died, had me (I was and am the fisherwoman in the family) follow him out to one of our Black Walnut trees with the hose and he had a rake and a bait bucket. He'd have me rake up an area under the tree where there were lots of rotting fruits, then he'd turn on the hose and bam, tons of worms. Huge earthworms! I thought he was magic! We'd toss them into the bucket, rinse them off with the hose and then grab a handful or two out of the compost pile toss the dirt on the worms and off we'd go- back to bed because he always had us do this at 4am- he said the worms had to eat and get fat for the fish!! Now I know the had to pass any water that may have gotten into their systems! Ha! That was my Dad. Thanks so much for this video!
    From CT.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Who knew? This is great info: Thanks for sharing!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wowsers! That's almost instantaneous. I gather the worms are just trying to escape the walnut juice. Wonder if we have a similar plant or seed in Australia. That is very cool