Introduction: Catching Fire Cupcakes

In this tutorial I show/explain to you how to make some super cute and easy Catching Fire-themed cupcakes! They are so delicious and I hope you love them as much as I did!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

What you will need:

White Chocolate or Yellow Candy Melts

Wax Paper

This Outline for the Mockingjay pins

Wilton Piping Bag

Wilton Quick Coupler

Wilton number 3 tip

Your Favorite Cake Mix

Cupcake Wrappers


Red Food Coloring



Red Sugar

Step 2: Make Your Supplies!

Make your Cupcakes by following directions on box or recipe.

Color frosting Red.

To make your Mockingjay Pins:

1. Print out your template and Place the Wax Paper over it

2. Melt your chocolate and (if needed) add the Yellow Food Coloring

3. Put your chocolate in the piping bag with a #3 tip

4. Pipe the chocolate onto the template (I recommend doing 2 coats.)

5. Let the chocolate harden in the fridge. (DO NOT put it in the freezer. It will crack!)

To make your Colored Sugar:

1. Place your sugar and Red Food Coloring in a plastic Ziplock bag.

2. Shake bag until all sugar is coated.

3. Let dry in your Cupboard or on your Counter.

Step 3: Decorate!

1. Place cupcake on work surface.

2. Spread on frosting with a butter knife or bakers knife.

3. Put red sugar in bowl. Place cupcake in the sugar.

4. Add your chocolate Mockingjay Pins on top as desired.

5. Instagram, Add to Gallery, and Enjoy!

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