Introduction: Cattle Horse Mineral Feeder

This instructable creates a mineral feeder for cattle horses or any farm animal that can flip up the lid. This design was created after purchasing a round commercial product that operates on the same principal but is significantly more expensive. Cattle and horses learn quickly to flip up the flexible rubber protective cover to find the minerals beneath. Expensive mineral stays dry and available for your stock. The design is on skids so it is easy to relocate if necessary and is 4ft by 4ft to discourage your bull from turning it over.

Step 1: Materials Needed and Assembly


1 2X8 by 8' PT

1 2X8 by 8' PT

1 Truck Mud Flap 36'X24" (available at truck stops like Pilot and Loves for $19.99) be careful to get the 24"X36" as there are smaller ones that do not cover the tub and don't provide enough lip for the animals to flip up.

1 Universal mixing tub (The 9 gal one at Home depot is perfect. Look where the concrete is stored.) approx dimensions 28.5"X18.5"

1 1X4 27" PT

1 1X2 27" PT

Misc screws ( I use deck or dry wall screws as they are easy to put in with a drill and bit)

The dimensions are in the included jpg but may need to be customized for your circumstances.

Step 2: Final Assembly

Assemble by aligning the slots and sliding the board together. If the cuts are too narrow the boards will be difficult to slide and if too big they will be sloppy. Toe nail with screws to keep it together. A note on putting in the screws. I drill a pilot hole before running in the screws so the wood doesn't split.

Place the 1X4 across the tub and use some long screws (3+") to secure it. Center the mud flap on top and place the 1X2 on top and secure it with screws. You might want to attach a line /chain or cable to pull it around with if you anticipate moving it a lot. My Angus bull can move it around but he hasn't managed to flip it yet.