Introduction: Caulk Gun Uses

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This is a collection of caulk gun uses I discovered.  I got this caulk gun at Big Lots for about $2.50.  I thought that was a good deal for something I had no idea what I was getting it  for.  My original intention was to use it for a spoof movie I have been working on.  While I was goofing around with it I came up with some more uses for it.

Step 1: Squirts!

I happened to have a spare condiment squirter lying around and decided to put it in my caulk gun.  You can use it for squirting ketchup or fill it with water and squirt people with it.  Now be warned, I never tried these things but I do know it will break the bottle if you aren't careful.

Step 2: Useless Flashlight Holder

I tried putting a flashlight in the gun and it held it pretty well.  I would suggest using a small flashlight.  Ironically this completely voids the purpose of a small flashlight.

Step 3: Salt

I put a small salt shaker in the caulk gun.  I love salt.

Step 4: CAULK!!!!

I will put up more stuff for the caulk gun uses as I find them.
If you find any ideas for uses with a caulk gun let me know in the comments.
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